Canned Tuna & Pouched Tuna

Canned Sardine, Mackerel, Saury & Salmon

Golden Prize Canning Co., Ltd. has been Thailand’s leading manufacturer of high-quality and affordable canned seafood products, including tuna, sardines, mackerel, saury and salmon. Golden Prize Canning Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Phaisal Wangthamrongwit in 1997 and has been family owned since. Through the application of advanced processing and quality-control systems supported by international standards such as HACCP, GMP, and BRC, the company has consistently delivered premium quality and safe products to consumers around the world. More importantly, the company has a strong commitment on sustainability of fisheries as well as having good labour practices and corporate governance.


- To be a premier Thailand-based manufacturer of canned seafood products.
- To be managerially and financially strong, for major private labels and our own branded products in global markets.
- To be highly respected by customers, suppliers and employees for our reliability, quality and service.


To exceed our customer expectations by delivering consistent and reliable products at a great value whilst promoting seafood sustainability initiatives and positively impacting the communities and all the stakeholders that we serve.

Key Numbers

25 +

Years of experience

125 +

Number of export countries


Production plants

2,800 +



Annual production capacity (mt)


Internal cold storage capacity (mt)


Annual revenue (USD)

15 %

Projected increase in annual revenue



We offer a wide selection of top-quality seafood products starting from the classic tuna flavors in oil and brine to various contemporary tasty recipes. We also continuously strive to innovate and develop new product recipes and packaging to meet the growing consumer demands.

Canned Tuna & Pouched Tuna

Our majority tuna is sourced from the deep ocean in the Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. We carefully procured a range of tuna species, including Skipjack, Yellowfin, Tongol and Albacore to pack them into cans and pouches. Our finely selected tuna is served in solid, chunk, flakes or shredded forms. They can be mixed in various packing modes, such as in oil, brine and tomato sauce.

Canned Sardine, Mackerel, Saury & Salmon

From local and imported sources such as Japan, our sardines, mackerel and saury products are commonly packed in tomato sauce, brine or vegetable oil.

Value-Added Tuna Product

We strive to deliver a wide variety of value added products, including tuna pate, tuna in tomato sauce with vegetables, and tuna slices with lemon and black pepper. Our R&D Department works closely with our marketing team to continuously develop new products and packaging to meet the growing needs of our customers.


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